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Parking Lot Routines


Morning Drop-Off


If you plan to drop your child off during the school year, it's important that you follow some simple guidelines to help keep all of our community safe.  Patience and Consideration should be used at all times in our parking lot and will go a long way to ease any tensions that may arise during this time. 

Drop-Off Facts:

  • Over 200 students are dropped off by their parents each morning between 8:10am and 8:25am.
  • There is only one parking lot entrance from Elms Road and one Exit from our parking lot to Elms Road  


Drop-Off Do's:

  • If arriving prior to 8:10, park in a regular parking spot
  • If you are dropping off your student at the curb, we ask that you pull up to the curb along the front of the school until you come to the north end of the building (see diagram)
  • Plan to have your student(s) get out by themselves on the passenger side of the car only (we will have staff waiting to assist)
  • Drop off your child as soon as you come to a stop on our curb (after 8:10am)
  • Leave the parking lot as soon as your child is out of the car to assist with traffic flow
  • Model Calm and Patience to your children and others
  • Call the school office and inform us of any major parking lot issues so we can deal with it appropriately
Drop-Off Don'ts:
  • Don't park and wait in the drop-off line when the line is moving in front of you.  Drop and go.
  • Don't get out of your car while in the drop-off line.  (staff can assist your child)
  • Don't wait for your child to walk all the way to the door of the school, please keep the traffic flow moving.
  • Don't allow your child to get out of the driver's side of the vehicle. (Safety First)
Using these simple guidelines will go a long way to ensuring a relatively smooth experience for our entire school community on a regular basis.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  

Afternoon Pick-Up


If you plan to pick up your student(s) in the afternoon you have 2 options. Our pick-up line will provide the safest, most efficient method, but if you prefer, you can park in our main lot or in the lot to the north of the building and meet your child at the entrance.  Please read the bullet points below carefully and study the graphic below so you can be fully aware of how our process works.  We will be sending home a pick-up number for your student in the weeks leading up to school. Please place this number on your dashboard when picking up your child in the parent pick-up lane. Our staff will get your child to your car using the number system. If you didn't receive a number, please call our office to request one and we'll gladly get it made up for you (591-1249).


Benefits of using the pick-up line:

  • Lessen congestion/confusion at pick-up time - We know there are a number of issues with our parking lot.  Many people just do what they think seems sensible at the time.  This often creates extra back-ups for many other people and fuels frustration as the year wears on.

  • Increase Safety for students and parents - If we all work together and abide by established standards in the parking lot, we can all remain safe.  Please remember, although you may be in a hurry, patience is required of all of us at this busy time of day.

  • Maximize Efficiency - Our biggest problem is that we only have one entrance and one exit to Elms Road from our parking lot.  Because of this, the mad scramble to get out of the lot in the afternoon will always be difficult.  However, with an organized pick-up line, we can start sending cars out of the lot up to 5 minutes earlier than we currently do.  This greatly reduces the back-ups we've experienced in the past.


How It Works:


1.  The parent pick-up line works much like the fast food drive-thru at our local McDonalds.  Parents will line up in their cars parallel to our buses in a row.  (See Diagram)
2.  Each Parent will display their assigned number (get this from our office) on the dashboard of the car so our staff can alert one another of the order in which to send your student out.
3. All students being picked up will be gathered inside the school and will be sent out by our staff members in the order in which their ride is lined up outside.
4. Students will be assisted into their vehicles by our staff.  Parents using the pick-up line will be asked to STAY IN their vehicles at all times.  Once loaded, vehicles may proceed and exit the parking lot.



What if:


You’d like to park and meet your child on the sidewalk?


You can still park and meet your kids if you wish, however, please look at the enclosed graphic to see where NOT to park.  Also, please maintain social distance while out of your car and be respectful of the space of others.


In order for our system to work, we need to keep part of the Main lot clear and will be slightly moving where our handicap parking is, so please watch for the new markings.  Also, if you park in the main parking lot, we will need you to use the pedestrian crosswalk and wait for our crossing guard to motion you across.  


Parents who prefer to use the overflow parking to the north of our building may continue to do so as this does not interfere with the pick-up process.