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Kindergarten Supplies

✏️. Backpack

✏️. A blue folder 

✏️. Pencils (pre-sharpened preferably) 

✏️ Headphones that are labeled and in a zip lock bag(that go over ears, no earbuds) 

✏️ Crayons ( 4 boxes, preferably Crayola 24 count)

✏️. Scissors 

✏️. Markers 

✏️. Glue sticks-4

✏️. 2 boxes of Kleenex

✏️ Lysol wipes

✏️. Heavy duty folder to be used for nightly communication (Label with your child’s name)

✏️. Playdough

*** These will all be used as community supplies (except headphones and communication folder) . If you have questions about that please let us know! 

Wish List:

At times, parents have asked about donating supplies to the classroom. If you are interested in donating extra school supplies or any of the items listed below, they will be appreciated. We completely understand if you cannot donate these items, they are optional:

Plates, cups and napkins

Hand sanitizer 

Dry erase markers


Baby wipes

Extra kleenex 

Extra playdough

Craft supplies: googly eyes, sequins, pipe cleaners , glitter, etc.

Ziploc style bags (large and small)


Extra snacks to keep in the classroom

Treasure Box items: candy, small toys, puzzles, etc.)

Cotton balls

Shaving cream